The Gods are the most powerful beigns in the land and the realms. Neither good nor evil, they merely oppose chaos on a cosmic level. The Five Gods are the most important, but there are also minor gods. Each has a domain to call its own in the Celestial Realm.

The primary pantheon of gods is the Five Gods, spirits of the five directions and elements:

  • The Azure Dragon, representing Spring and Wood to the East.
  • The Vermillion Bird, representing Summer and Fire to the South.
  • The White Tiger, representing Autumn and Metal to the West.
  • The Black Turtle, representing Winter and Water to the North.
  • The Yellow Dragon, representing the Changing Seasons and Earth to the Center.
  • There may or may not be a superior being (and thus a sixth god) representing Void and the universe.

Serving the Five Gods are the Twelve Heavenly Generals.

Another important figure is The Reaper, embodiment of death and patron of Shinigami and Psychopomp.

There is also the Witch-Queen, the patron of the Witchbreed. Debate rage at wether she is indeed a goddess or simply a very poweful Witchbreed, if not THE first Witchbreed in all likelyhood. Some think she might be an Oni, others believe she’s the very powerful ghost of a vengeful mother driven mad or an old witch. What she is a complete mystery, as few if any have seen her in the modern age. Only the Witchbreed answer her vague calls and they aren’t telling much about her.


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