Martial Arts

It is said that over 10 000 different schools of martial arts exist within the land. Wether or not this is an exaggeration is up for debate. It is true that the land has seen countless forms of martial arts, some relying solely on unarmed combat, others on ki manipulation and magic or a combination of any of the three.

Mechanically, a school of martial art might be a simple series of feats, or a combination of two variant classes. Usually a monk variant plus another class. This also represent that its usually difficult to learn many styles at once and most practicionners focus on a single one, which take a life time to hone.

Fighting Styles:
The Fighting Styles are very common and exist in countless variety. In a way, they form the core of the various martial arts and many other schools use them or even expand on them. The styles are:

  • Boar Style
  • Crane Style
  • Dragon Style
  • Kirin Style
  • Mantis Style
  • Monkey Style
  • Panther Style
  • Snaker Style
  • Snapping Turtle Style
  • Tiger Style

Martial Arts Schools: A list of various known schools.

Martial Arts

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